Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe


Everyone loves a good chocolate cake and this one in particular is a new recipe that I am adding to my ‘favourites’ list. Chocolate mud cake is one of those things that can easily go either way – is it too sweet? is it too dense? is it too rich that I can’t take more… 

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Raw Greens Salad with Barley, Steamed Chicken and Hainanese Dressing Recipe

Cook_In_Recipe_Raw Greens_Salad_with Barley_Steamed_Chicken_Hainanese Dressing10

I’ve clearly been away for a while and my blog has been on hiatus! But I have a fair good reason… As Winter season kicked in July, I was off enjoying the beautiful snow in New Zealand as well as our very own local mountain, Mt. Buller. Not only did I have a blast but… 

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