The Foodie Experience by Cook In and Food And Puns


This August, Cook In will be bringing to you the ULTIMATE FOODIE EXPERIENCE… Together with culinary buddy Food and Puns, an intimate Winter dining experience will be presented in a chic Carlton apartment location paired with a menu of beautifully home-cooked food to match. Brought to you by Tish Tambakau from Cook In and Juan… 

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My experience at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck Melbourne – The Lowdown on the Menu, Photos and Dish Reviews

Cook In Fat Duck Thumbnail

My admiration for Heston Blumenthal started when I first saw him on TV and was introduced to his unique approach to food. Heston is seen as one of the pioneers of Molecular Gastronomy, which is described as an application of scientific principles to the understanding and development of food preparation. Some of you may ask, cooking is essentially a… 

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The Launch of Isobar’s Cook In – Duck Fat Toastie Day

Cook In Isobar Duck Fat Toastie Agency Culture Homecooked Food Event Tish Tambakau

I spent some time over the Christmas break digging deep into the crux of what Cook In means to me. The inception of this blog started with an idea to create a hub where I could share all this knowledge in my head that I’ve picked up through the course of learning how to cook. It was also… 

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Sticky Pear Caramel and Vanilla cake with Toasted Almonds and Vanilla Honey custard Recipe

Sticky Pear Caramel and Vanilla cake with Toasted Almonds and Vanilla Honey custard11

I am not going to lie, I am not much of a baker – period. In fact, the only real desert recipe that I can claim to be a signature dish of mine is my sticky date pudding. And that’s not even a cake!